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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Director's Update

So, we have a lot going on with the show!
The cast is off-book!  They are fine tuning their deialects.  My good friend Courtney Lavendar is coming in to work with them on the accents this evening. 
Last night at rehearsal we took all the character work we have done thus far and threw it out the window for a run-through.  I told the cast to take their characters in completely new directions.  Make BIG and BOLD choices and go with them.  They could play and try anything as long as it was nothing like what we have rehearsed so far.  It was a lot of fun.  The actors and I found some new choices for the characters that really work well.  I think we will try this again tonight with Act 2.  I just don't want the characters stale and predictable.  I think last night's exercise was very beneficial.
I have been doing a lot of research with music for the show and have found some most interesting choices in music.  There are so many really bad Madonna tribute CD's out there.  There are some really good ones too.  I am trying not to be too predictable with the music choices in the show.  Tommy Kearney has written some specific choices in the show that really work well and I will be faithful to those where they are called for, but I am trying to be creative with what I put throughout in other places for scene changes, ambience, and background.  I am having a really good time researching.
The choreographer, Everett Johnson, had his first rehearsal last night in choreographing the Vogue number with the dance ensemble.  We were missing a couple dancers, but I know that will not be a problem.  He wouldn't let me see the work so far, but my secret spy sources (Brandon DiMatteo- aka Mark) told me it looks really good and that I will be very pleased.  I am sure I will be. 
We have a set construction day on Saturday.  I am looking forward to getting the technical elements in place and making the world of Madonna & Me come to life. 
Everything is on schedule and going very well! 

Everett Johnson- Choreographer for Madonna & Me

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