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Raising Malawi
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Madonna & Me featured on Madonna Tribe!!!

Alright America!!!  Everyone else in the world is jumping on board with promoting this show, it's time you did too!!!!

We are not only featured on madonnalicious based in the UK, but the Italy based Madonna Tribe has posted the announcement of the US Premiere of Madonna & Me!  Thanks, Tommy for letting us know!


Cast Update: Jay

Jay took a moment to update us on the rehearsal process last night after rehearsal!

Check it out!

Cast Update: Brandon and Dustin

Not sure if this is a cast update or a warning to Madonna... See for yourself!  : )

Cast Update: Haley

So, we caught up with Haley after rehearsal last night to see where things are with the show!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So I feel like we kinda made it... I check daily for all my latest Madonna information on the website http://www.madonnalicious.com/ and what did I find the other day when I checked it... the Madonna & Me US Premiere Show Poster!!!!

Heck yeah, chicken head!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Director's Update

So, we have a lot going on with the show!
The cast is off-book!  They are fine tuning their deialects.  My good friend Courtney Lavendar is coming in to work with them on the accents this evening. 
Last night at rehearsal we took all the character work we have done thus far and threw it out the window for a run-through.  I told the cast to take their characters in completely new directions.  Make BIG and BOLD choices and go with them.  They could play and try anything as long as it was nothing like what we have rehearsed so far.  It was a lot of fun.  The actors and I found some new choices for the characters that really work well.  I think we will try this again tonight with Act 2.  I just don't want the characters stale and predictable.  I think last night's exercise was very beneficial.
I have been doing a lot of research with music for the show and have found some most interesting choices in music.  There are so many really bad Madonna tribute CD's out there.  There are some really good ones too.  I am trying not to be too predictable with the music choices in the show.  Tommy Kearney has written some specific choices in the show that really work well and I will be faithful to those where they are called for, but I am trying to be creative with what I put throughout in other places for scene changes, ambience, and background.  I am having a really good time researching.
The choreographer, Everett Johnson, had his first rehearsal last night in choreographing the Vogue number with the dance ensemble.  We were missing a couple dancers, but I know that will not be a problem.  He wouldn't let me see the work so far, but my secret spy sources (Brandon DiMatteo- aka Mark) told me it looks really good and that I will be very pleased.  I am sure I will be. 
We have a set construction day on Saturday.  I am looking forward to getting the technical elements in place and making the world of Madonna & Me come to life. 
Everything is on schedule and going very well! 

Everett Johnson- Choreographer for Madonna & Me

Monday, March 21, 2011

Madonna & Me: Raising Malawi Awareness Wristbands Now On Sale!

They have finally arrived, albeit part of the order was wrong (don't ever order from http://www.24hourwristbands.com/), the purpose and message for the wristbands is still the same!
The Edge Theatre Company is producing the US Premiere of Tommy Kearney's Madonna & Me (in case the blog itself didn't give that away).  We are celebrating Tommy's US Premiere with Purple wristbands that say "Madonna & Me US Premiere" and "The Edge Theatre Company".  The proceeds from the sale of each wristband will go directly to benefit Madonna's Charity Raising Malawi.  If you are not sure what this charity does, Madonna produced a wonderful documentary called "I Am Because We Are" that talks all about her efforts in Malawi and the immense need there.  You can also visit http://www.raisingmalawi.org/ for all the details about the organization. 

Below is a picture of the wristbands (may be kinda hard to read the lettering, but it is on there).  They are only $2.00.  Surely you can come up with some quarters in your car or between seat cushions in the couch to support Madonna and The Edge as we work to Raise Malawi!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Madonna & Me: Director's Update

So, on Sunday we had our first stumble through.  And, stumble we did not!  I was very proud of the cast.  They are falling nicely into their roles.  They are finding a nice rhythm to the dialect... still need to solidify those.  We still have 23 days till we open.  Not worried at all.  Made a few changes to blocking to make entrances and exits smoother, but on the whole it went really well.  We are in great shape for our April 7th opening!

My next big issue to tackle is finding the dancers and getting those scenes staged and incorporating the set choreography with the dancers.  I have a great lead that I am hoping will pan out and then that will complete the missing pieces for the show.

Now it is just a matter of cleaning, strengthening, and bringin the show to life!

I hope we are making Tommy proud! 

The Tour book for the show arrived yesterday!  Got a great deal on it! AND... the Who's That Girl World Tour Costume shirts for the show are complete!  Whoo hoo!

Oh, and yes!  I did buy one of these at Target when they sold them.  My child will need one.  I would be a most proud Daddy!
I know I am a hopeless case.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

So here's a bit more Madonna Trivia for you!  The playwright, Tommy Kearney, weighed in last night to play along!
Tommy's favourite Madonna song - Who's that girl?
Tommy's favourite Madonna video - Vogue
Tommy's favourite Madonna movie - Desperately Seeking Susan.
Tommy's first Madonna memory - Holiday, at the School Disco and on 'Top of the Pops!'
Tommy's first Madonna concert - Who's that Girl World Tour.
Did Tommy cry at this concert - No! I'm British! Boys don't cry!
-Jimmy thinks Tommy is being mean... :)
Tommy's close up Madonna moment! - She sang one of the 'Holidays' in the song Holiday to him in Brixton Academy in London!
Biggest Madonna regret: Not getting any Madonna Dollars from Material Girl at any of the concerts!

Thanks, Tommy!  We look forward to meeting you in a few weeks!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Madonna & Me Postcards for Advertisement

So the advertisement postcards are in and heading out!  If you would like some to put out in the community or in your business establishment, please contact Jimmy Chrismon at jdchrismon@gmail.com

Here is what they look like!

Front View:
Back View:

Update & Trivia

Working rehearsals are going really well.  We have worked small scenes so far and explored some extremes with the characters.  It has been real interesting trying to push some of the cast out of their comfort zones.  I am excited to see where each person goes the more comfortable they get around one another.  We may play some get to know you game type exercises tonight.  It could help loosen everyone up and get a bit more comfortable around each other.  We are working whole group scenes and some of Joe's scenes in particular this evening.  Looking forward to having everyone here together. 

And, so Brandon doesn't yell at me tonight for not posting some Madonna trivia information on here to help him out here is a bit of Madonna info specific to my (Jimmy Chrismon- Director) favorites.

Jimmy's favorite Madonna song- Open Your Heart (if I have to pick one)
Jimmy's favorite Madonna video- Vogue
Jimmy's favorite Madonna movie- Evita
Jimmy's first Madonna memory- singing Material Girl in the barrel tube on the playground in daycare
Jimmy's first Madonna concert- The Reinvention Tour
Did Jimmy cry at this concert- Yes, he did.
Why did Jimmy sneak Madonna albums into his house?- His parents banned him from listening to her music. 

There ya have it!  Fun facts for all!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Set Design Update

I just met with our scenic designer for the show, Ben Pierce!  Ben has done some fantastic work for us and I am so excited about the work he is getting in the area.  He does amazing work and I am so happy that he his finall y getting the recognition he deserves!  He designed our sets for Elegies for Angels, Punks, and Raging Queens, Rent, Bare: A Pop Opera, and The History Boys.

He and I had a great conversation today about some changes to the initial design posted here on the blog.  We are going to be altering it a bit.  We will keep many of the same industrial elements of the original design just moving things around, breaking it up and creating a total environment for the show! 


Hope to have some new sketches later this week of what we are planning!