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Raising Malawi
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Madonna & Me: Director's Update

So, on Sunday we had our first stumble through.  And, stumble we did not!  I was very proud of the cast.  They are falling nicely into their roles.  They are finding a nice rhythm to the dialect... still need to solidify those.  We still have 23 days till we open.  Not worried at all.  Made a few changes to blocking to make entrances and exits smoother, but on the whole it went really well.  We are in great shape for our April 7th opening!

My next big issue to tackle is finding the dancers and getting those scenes staged and incorporating the set choreography with the dancers.  I have a great lead that I am hoping will pan out and then that will complete the missing pieces for the show.

Now it is just a matter of cleaning, strengthening, and bringin the show to life!

I hope we are making Tommy proud! 

The Tour book for the show arrived yesterday!  Got a great deal on it! AND... the Who's That Girl World Tour Costume shirts for the show are complete!  Whoo hoo!

Oh, and yes!  I did buy one of these at Target when they sold them.  My child will need one.  I would be a most proud Daddy!
I know I am a hopeless case.

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