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Raising Malawi
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update & Trivia

Working rehearsals are going really well.  We have worked small scenes so far and explored some extremes with the characters.  It has been real interesting trying to push some of the cast out of their comfort zones.  I am excited to see where each person goes the more comfortable they get around one another.  We may play some get to know you game type exercises tonight.  It could help loosen everyone up and get a bit more comfortable around each other.  We are working whole group scenes and some of Joe's scenes in particular this evening.  Looking forward to having everyone here together. 

And, so Brandon doesn't yell at me tonight for not posting some Madonna trivia information on here to help him out here is a bit of Madonna info specific to my (Jimmy Chrismon- Director) favorites.

Jimmy's favorite Madonna song- Open Your Heart (if I have to pick one)
Jimmy's favorite Madonna video- Vogue
Jimmy's favorite Madonna movie- Evita
Jimmy's first Madonna memory- singing Material Girl in the barrel tube on the playground in daycare
Jimmy's first Madonna concert- The Reinvention Tour
Did Jimmy cry at this concert- Yes, he did.
Why did Jimmy sneak Madonna albums into his house?- His parents banned him from listening to her music. 

There ya have it!  Fun facts for all!

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